Where is her mind at?

I mean, I'm not even dating this girl. We've hooked up before and I tried to date her but things just never happened. Since then, I've just been playing the friend card. We were drinking with some other friends the other night, but her and I got to talking and she was really chatty about the problem with relationships. She brought up just about every guy that she's dated that cheated on her, and made it pretty obvious that she does not trust any guy.

Now, I know she was hooking up with a guy, but never heard about it from her. I don't think they talk anymore, and she just started texting me randomly again. Where is head at? What's she thinking?

I like having her as a friend, and I would really like to date her but the things going against it are: a) she kinda strung me along every time that I asked her out on a date the first go-round, b) I enjoy her friendship, c) we work together, d) she knows about the other girls that I've dated.


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  • I would ask her what she wants flat out when she calls you next time, not when he texts. Make her tell you, then you decide if you want to play or not.


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  • Babe, I am sorry she has lost interest and on top of it you work with her; never dip your pen in the company ink.


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  • Dude I think she just want's some d***. You might as well give it to her with no strings attached - this doesn't seem like an easy girl to date anyway.