Why is she acting this way?

I have a crush on her, I know she is interested. she's going through a rough patch (unemployed, bills.. etc.) she did mention she's not going to date anyone right now until she's done with her problems because she gives her "all" when in a relationship. (She said that during a cozy dinner we were alone) - everyone in our circle thinks we're dating or working things out.

- she initiated texts 2 days in a row
- last she told me she was going for an interview and she will let me know how it goes the moment she steps out - wished her luck
- she never texted back - i texted her 8 hours later to check how it went
- she replied an hour later with "Yeah sorry will talk later"

Is she playing around or not interested? Why the sudden change in behavior.

I can see her online texting and on facebook liking posts


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  • She's acting like she doesn't want to date - exactly as she told you. That's a lot for a person to have at once and trying to find a job with bills piling up is stressful.
    If you're ok with just being her friend and supporting her in the way she needs then be patient, but if you want more I don't think she is in a place to give that to you - and she has actually told you that so I would listen to her words and if you need to move on

    • I actually told her that i respect that i never brought up anything about dating but she started acting weird all of us sudden which is annoying me.

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    • Thanks for your help the dinner was supposed to be a catch-up over coffee then turned to dinner based on her request. She gets touchy and feely some times.. the usually I'm interested in you kind of thing. lets see how it goes, things are a bit unclear for me at least.

    • Lots of mixed signals from her 😕 Good luck sweets

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