Why would he break up with me and then say he wants to be friends?

A guy I dated for over a month broke up with me - he said even though I am coolest girl he has ever met and really lovely, he was unsure since day 1 and doesn't feel it romantically... but I felt he was lying in a way because otherwise why would he date me that long if he didn't like me (he was always suggesting to meet up).

We didn't have sex nor did we kiss. And because I brought it up as to why he won't kiss me after dating for a month, he said he was unsure and didn't want to make the wrong move on me. Then a week after, he breaks it off saying he didn't want to keep me hanging, but now he said he wants to be friends and wants to keep talking to me? He did say he thought about moving forward with me a lot, but because he is unsure, he didn't want to keep me hanging.

Is this basically friendzoning me? Or is he keeping me on the sideline and hopefully without the pressures of exclusivity, he will like me eventually?


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  • Well, he's either being forward and honest about his feelings, or you just took second place to another gal. Give it a little time and space, if he shows up with another lady in tow, you'll know what happened. If he doesn't, you should feel free to keep close, since he may actually be "in touch" wit his feelings, and whether or not he really likes you, he cares for you.

    • I think he is being honest and forward about his feelings because he knew I was looking for something long term, and so was he - but he is unsure and it felt like him breaking up with me was him letting me go and didn't want me to hang around whilst he remained unsure.

      So you think I should just give him some space and see what happens and let him figure out what he wants? And only talk to him if he initiates and build a good foundation through being just 'friends'? He did say he wants to stay in touch with me and be it either via texting or in person, he wants to be able to talk to me as he is comfortable with talking to me in general, which is rare for him as he is a bit socially awkward. But I guess we will see if he does keep that promise... but I feel he will keep talking to me because he told me few times how he doesn't want to lose me by making the wrong move/action.

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    • True - I see what you mean, thanks a lot! Because I was hesitant to be friends because of my feelings and was going to say no... but I feel he just needs a bit more time.

    • There ya go..

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  • Agree. You are plan B.
    Up to you if you want to be a back up. Or be #1.


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  • You are Plan B because there is already a Plan A girl.

  • because he's still wants to live his life in his way without relationship bring a trouble


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