Friend's girlfriend is really insecure of me. What do I do?

So all 3 of us, him, i and his girlfriend go to the same college. We are like 22. His girlfriend was initially very insecure of me so the guy lied to her that he doesn't talk to me but he does and we have a very deep understanding/friendship. I sense he has a thing for me as well. But i always stayed away and kept my distance. She has somehow found out that we txt/msg and is freaking out over him. I dont know anything else, he said he'll tell me tomorrow as we have a quiz to prepare. How do i react now? I dont want to compromise my friendship with him. But i feel very awkward. I cannot even talk to this guy comfortably now. Any advice?


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  • You should make peace with that girl.. Tell her to be relaxed you have no intentions of getting in between their relation.. Good luck hope things work out. And you friendship lives on

    • Yea thanks mate, i'll try that! :)

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  • You could try meeting up more often just the 3 of you. If she gets to know you better, she probably won't view you as a threat anymore.


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  • those insecure girl, their insecurities will lay off with time until then u gotta lay low too. i mean talk with him n all thats fine but dont let his girlfriend notice. otherwise its gonna be troublesome for all three of u

    • I swear that's exactly what i was doing! I didn't even tell my closest friends that i talk to this guy. I just don't get it how did she find out! :/

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    • Yes i can imagine the situation that you had been in. Must have been pretty tough but glad that you're over that phase! Alright i am definitely gonna ask him to do that :) thank you ever so much, appreciate that :)

    • sure, anytime 😊 happy to help

  • talk to the girlfriend yourself, reasure here that you have no wish or intent to move in on her territory.


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