Dating in 2017 , Everybody is single?

Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend in 2017. I mean I understand I don't look like Chris brown , but I believe i'm a pretty decent looking guy.

I'm 19 years old, and for some reason only teenage girls , and gay guys flirt with me. If I even start a conversation with an attractive female , I always get a disgust look , or attitude. Nothing to offend gay people but it seems like in today's society its easier for a gay guy to get in a relationship than a straight man.
I'm 19 . just bought a car in cash, make pretty great money , and I can't find not one girl thats at least decent? It doesn't make sense to me. If I was fat , I would at least say , I should loose weight. If I was a midget I would say well maybe its because I am too short.

It has to be millions of guys in my shoes , because like I said I'm no brad Pitt in the looks department. But there are a lot of guys that look a lot worst than me. So my question is why in the world can I not get a girlfriend. I'm not even picky.

My IG is @jerrybryantofficial , if you are curious on how I look.


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  • Nice face


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  • lol do you want older girls to be your girlfriend? ?

    • Not just that. I wish girls my age would be interested in me. It seems like you have to be elite just to get a decent looking girl your age. If I was in a world full of beyonce's I would understand why girls are so picky and stuck up.

    • dude at your age, no one wants a serious thing. even girls complain during teenage that guys don't want a commitment.
      also, when both the genders are tired of playing minds around mid 30s or late 20s, they both look for commitment from the other gender.

      so don't worry too much if you aren't a shy guy and you have a good wallet size, you will get a girlfriend in your later years of life.

    • But that's the thing. If a girl want me just because of my money , I wouldn't want to date them.

      Even if I was the most attractive guy and the world and was 6'4, I wouldn't date a girl who wanted me just because I'm 6'4 and extremely attractive. Yea I probably would sleep with that girl but definitely not give a commitment to her.

      How can someone choose a partner solely on just physical features , if that's the case then that relationship is most likely going to fail. What if I was extremely attractive , and my face get burnt in a fire? Or if I get really old and my face get wrinkles? Or if I'm 6'4 and end up in a wheel chair?

      This is why statistics show that most marriages end up in divorce , and statistic also show divorces are initiated by women

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    they get hit on all the time
    just wait for a girl to come to you

    and from experience money
    and a car will not bring a girl a good one anyway

  • high five


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