Ignoring then talking :s?

So this girl i have a crush on would initiate text msgs almost everyday which is cool - the flipped completely the day before yesterday - replied an hour later to my message she said shell speak to me later in a very dry tone.

She texts me the next day evening apologizing for what happened because she was having a horrible day.

Is she playing hard to get? You can initiate a text being all nice then flip and talk in a dry tone then ignore the whole day and text in the evening. Should I move on?


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  • bruh she even apologize. dude she still likes you she was just having an off day. If she continues to text you in a dry manner for a couple days in a row then move on but not after one day


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  • Maybe she was actually being honest. Give her one more chance. If she screws this up, feel free to move on.


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