When you're in the getting to know and dating phase -- do you care if the guy is talking/dating multiple people?

Every time I'm in the beginning stages I know that there are others they are talking to.
It gets me down sometimes but I try not to let it get to me.
How do you cope with it?
Knowing that man he could lose interest like that if the other person said something that got their attention.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If i was dating just one girl and she wanted to date multiple people i would be upset cause i like to think of myself as a guy whose only interested in dating just one person only not multiple girls. Yes i would care and it would bother me.

    • I guess it's personal preference then.

      I too at a time thought if they like me they would only talk to me and not multiple girls.
      But from all the people I've encountered that's a different story.

    • Yeah my personal preference has only been on girl and i don't believe in cheating.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If you're the only one they're talking to at the beginning, it means you're their only prospect, and that could mean they're desperate, and have chased off all the others. Just a thought.
    I'm always talking to a few myself, so I'm not at all upset if they're doing it. You should keep your options open during that stage.

    • I know. I've been told to always have options but man I feel like it's hard juggling more than one guy at once. Actually, I've never had that happen. Either it's only one guy that comes around and i could never get a second one to talk to either.

    • No offense, but that's exactly what I'm talking about. When there are no other options, you're more likely to feel insecure, get jealous, and then do something that could push them away.
      Just try to remind yourself why you're there in the first place. You want someone who is going to be a good match for you, so you need to really get to know him. If you are a good match, you're going to stand out without having to try to too hard.

    • Yeah I know what you mean.
      So I need to search for other guys as well.. err have other guys approach me as well even while talking to him. I definitely did feel insecure with my last relationship because he would constantly text me in the beginning and call.. but then when he didn't I got extremely nervous.

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What Guys Said 2

  • No idea unfortunately.

    • Sometimes dating is too much for me. I don't know if I can handle it lol.

  • Women flake a lot, dating is a numbers game especially for men.

    • The wrong women.
      What about women who are serious and want to find guys?
      But they at least tell them they're interested or not?

    • If the woman doesn't like you, it won't matter.

What Girls Said 3

  • I never date muliple guys at the same time.

    My sole intention for dating a guy is to get to know him on a deeper level , in the hope it'll develop into a relationship. All my attention is on the one guy I'm dating.

    If he was keeping his options open by dating other girls as well as me then I'd make the choice for him, by ending it. You can't build trust if someone's seeing other people , even in the early stages of dating

    • That's how I've always thought of dating but these days that's not how it happens.
      They say that having options is healthy?

  • yeah, at first it didn't bother me, but I really liked a boy and we were talking and all of that, and one day he's like "hey I just got a girlfriend sorry"

  • Never been in that situation but id expect him to talk to others since we aren't official or exclusive

    • Yeah.
      I always get nervous about it though because they can leave so fast...

    • Yeah that's true :/

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