Is it possible to change a girls mind of you completely in one night? And how can I? To really emotionally connect with her? If she doesn't drink?

This girl I like might go out tomorrow to this valentines social night club and I might be able to catch her out and seduce her, but tell me how I could. She's kind of an introvert and might try avoid me if I come on too strong


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  • why does she have to drink to emotionally connect with you? connection are built when you are similar type of people or so on. Doesn't necessarily mean she has to drink to get her connected with you. You can just be yourself and smile politely, showing that you have respect towards her and you don't mean any harm. Say some nice things about her, and i'm sure she'll response with a positive reaction. I don't think there is really a way to change how she thinks about you overnight when you guys don't even have a proper conversation yet. It'll all just be that one night and then it'll never continue on to the next stage- dating. Instead of saying 'seduce', to have a good impression, it's always a way to catch a girl's heart.

    good luck <3

    • Ok thanks, she already said she doesn't have feelings for me but that was 2 months ago and it was only because we only spoke through text on silly things.

    • I asked if she's trying to avoid me but she says no she hasn't, and it's just that she's very busy

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  • you can't but one night is enough for a good start.

    • Ok thanks, but what is a good open liner? And how do I keep the conversation going and not dry out?

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