Girls would you be happy or concerned dating a very desirable guy?

The reason why I'm saying happy or concerned is that there are pros and cons. Ofc a girl can date an average guy and consider him better than everyone else but if we look at this objectively and say you're dating a guy who has it all, looks, height, muscles, money, success, intellect, confidence etc.
Obviously dating him would mean you get to appreciate all his upsides, but at the same time since he's very desirable he'll always have hordes of women trying to get with him.
So it may not be certain that he's willing to commit to you.
How would you feel dating a guy that is universally desirably by most other women as opposed to some average guy only you are fond of but other women wouldn't think much about?


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  • Personally, I would feel more like I'm competing rather than enjoying the relationship. But this all depends on the guy and how faithful he is.


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