Revived my feelings again?

This girl rejected me saying that her relationship with the love of her life ended and she can't forget him and thats the best answer she could give for the time being now. I told her it is better not to talk to each other coz i need time to absorb what happened and I will not be thinking of engaging in a future relationship for a very long time. she was understanding. we didn't talk for 5 months. I messaged her this a week ago " you came across my mind so I messaged you to check up on you , how r u?
she sent me this

"you too you came across my mind many times but i was sure you didn't want to talk to me"
I asked her to hang out last Thursday she messaged me this
" I am really sorry I can't really make it I swear I swear I have loads of work can we make it on Friday I promise it will be fun "
she called me on the same day on Friday and she said I am really embarrassed. I could not make it I have loads of assignments lets go thuesday since I finish my assignments on that day. I told her I might not be available since I am travelling. she was like oh my god you are travelling?, can't you travel another day , I will pray to god and hope that you don't travel on thuesday so that we can hang out. I told her call me when you are are available so that we can hang out. I know that she is genuinely very busy. she didn't call me on thuesday I messaged her and I told her how about if we go out today and as you know today is valentines day. i didn't make it seem like a date though it is valentines day. she agreed. we met for 2 hours. out of nowhere she mentioned how her post " I am celebrating single life " got many reactions. I am not trying to read into it. although I thought that I am fully recovered from what happened in the past, seeing her again proved me wrong. I am revving the past and I am kinda sad and little bit lost

my questions are below

1- is she interested?
2- how should I go about It? I definitely can't to talk to her again about relationships. I can't get rejected one more time?


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  • She is a bitch. She wanted you to postpone your travel plans even though she cancelled on you twice.
    You actually need to move on from her. I think she is using you


What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you fighting how you feel. Just stop. You deserve better. You know and I know this shit ain't gonna work. Come'on dude. She's obviously in her moment that don't involve you. Dunno why I read the whole thing but you reminded me of myself when I was 18. Ain't turned back since and glad I didn't. Your heart will thank you.


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