Should I break up with him?

So me and my boyfriend have only been dating a week and things are already going down hill. Mainly the thing is that he doesn't pay as much attention to me as he did before we were dating. It seems like all he cares about now is his friends, and whenever I go over and try to talk to him or even text him he doesn't respond. And even though it's Valentine's Day I sent him this text

"Is anything going on or do you not like me anymore or something? Cause you've been really distant and I know your friends are important, mine are too. But you pay more attention to them than you do to me. I just feel like I'm putting more effort into this than you are. I wanted to ask you at school but I never got the chance."

He literally just ignored it and before I asked I told him that we really needed to talk, and he replied an hour later only saying "what" Also I thought this might be because he's always all over the place like he has ADHD or something.

My question is should I break up with him? Or should I give it time, what do I do?


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  • I don't think you're even dating... it's only been a week?


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  • You're not dating. You've been together for a week. That's not a relationship. And considering your age... it's not surprising.

    You're way way way WAY too serious about this "ship" you seem to think you have. It has been seven days. It's not a relationship. You're hardly dating.

    So break up if you want. You'd be doing him a favor. You're taking this way too seriously for your age and the amount of time y'all been talking.

    If you'd been together a year sure. Six months? Okay. Even one month maybe. But a week?

    And after 7 days I don't care that it's V-Day. Don't expect anything. Y'all don't even know each other.

    • I wouldn't really hate on someone's relationship because of their age... js. You can find that type of relationship in any age group really. Plus there are many high school sweethearts that end up marrying. Don't think that because of her age she can't take things seriously.

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    • @Prettygurl12 Also thank you so very much for not getting butt hurt over me telling you that. So many people start arguments on the interwebs simply through others sharing their opinions 😂.

    • We've been dating for a week but we have been talking since the beginning of the school year and have acted like we were dating since then, we just made it official a week ago. And I never said anywhere I was expecting anything for V day? I was saying EVEN THOUGH it's V day I sent that anyways. Usually people wouldn't send a message like that on v day.

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  • you should and do it on vday

  • Yeah
    He doesn't look like he is interested

  • a week... a week... SMDH

    • It doesn't matter if it's only been a week, that doesn't justify the fact that he doesn't even talk to me.

    • No this is me laughing at the fact that it's been a week and you really have to question if you should keep trying or break up with him... It's kinda obvious that you should break up with him...

  • It's hard to be in a relationship when you're in high school because boys are not mature about a lot of things yet. But if you don't see yourself with him in the future then break up with him. But he's willing to compromise with you then definitely give him a chance


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