Guys, For guys who have a kid or kids, did the woman who had your kid or kids become "permanently" attractive to you after she had your kids or kid?

Or *a woman instead of the woman


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  • No, I had an ugly divorce (and was the one who filed) so this was definitely not the case for me. However, I will say this -- anyone who liked my kids and my kids liked back became instantly attractive to me. Like I had this 19 year old nanny who helped me out with the girls during gymnastics and the girls would often ask me "Is Madison coming?" I know what you're thinking "19 year old nanny -- big shocker there!", but I truly believe that it would extend to almost anyone. Like, even something I previously wouldn't have considered like a transgender female or something.

    But I don't know... maybe you're right. The divorce was super ugly, but there are times when I still defend my ex-wife even though she basically tried to have me killed. After what happened, my friends and family often get pissed when they hear me talk nicely about her so maybe there is something to what you're asking here. Like I don't find her attractive, but simply because she's had my kids, she's earned a bit of currency that has kept me from completely hating her.

    • Thanks very much. Did that nanny ever stop being attractive to you?

    • I think she will eventually, but my girls still ask about her from time to time and so long as they do, I think I'll always sort of think about her.

    • Ok, thanks

  • No, my wife was permanently attractive to me well before then and continued to be up until her death.


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