Can there be love between you and someone in your phone?

I ask myself this question realy often. "Can I love the picture of a person that i have in my head after chatting with her for one year" Maybe it's just my imagination that twistes my mind but somehow I love every aspect of this girl I started to chat with one year ago. Since then we shared a lot of pictures and were realy open to eachother. All of her just seems a thousand times more suited for me than every gurl i met so far. Does anyone have a similar experience?


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  • I don't that's real love because it isn't grounded in reality. It's just all based on words and what you think of her... but people are often a bit different in person.

    • people are artist, when you meet someone digitally you fall in love with the painting the artist drew of themselves. a year is a long time to not have met someone, I would be careful. you have fell in love with the side he/she wanted you to see. hope that helps.

  • People who fall in love "online "build an image of what the person is like , and how their life could be together. All they are in love with is an illusion, an image of what their own mind has created of the person.

    You can't possibly know a person's true character until you've know them in real life over a period of time. You need to see how they are in real life situations and circumstances. Most people's illusion is shattered when that happens


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  • I would say infatuation instead of love


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