Is it worth it?

I met this guy well over a while ago, and he approached me to dance and we hit it off then.
After getting to know each other at this dance that is every Friday I asked for his snapchat because he is in college and he was going home for a while and we began to talk more. He confessed his feelings to me "we'd make a cute couple, I'm falling hard for you." Stuff like that he'd say. After talking on Snapchat, he vanished after he got back to school.. but he did say he was busy before he stopped talking to me. we had a 30 day streak. And he just stopped talking to me and I fell for this kid. I was so sad for a while then he began to talk to me again. And he asked if I was mad at him. I said no I understand you're busy with school. But he said he had a lot going on at home. He lives like 20 minutes away from college he's a RA, but he's never taken me out on a date... should I move on? He also said he missed me a few days ago, and hasn't replied yet today.


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  • From my relationship coaching lens, there are some simple truths here.
    1) We make time for what matters. It is easy (and valid perhaps) to continue stating reasons around why you two haven't met. Perhaps it's because he's busy with school. Perhaps it's his RA status. Regardless, we make time for what matters.
    2) It is easy to keep people on a string. I'm not suggesting that he is doing this intentionally but regardless, here you are, excited to hear from him, wishing and hoping you can meet him, etc. And there he is, reaching in and out every now and then, never having set aside the right amount of time to pay you a visit or take you on a proper date.
    3) If he is 'that' busy with school and it is all school all of the time, you would also have to believe that he has dated or thought of no one else. We both know that is not true.
    It is time to move on. If he really wants to meet you, he will make the time. You ought not wait around for it, however.


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  • I'd honestly moved on if I were you. If he was really that into you, he would have tried more.


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  • Being a RA/resident advisor is a very busy job. So maybe being busy at school & having problems at home is taking a a lot outta him and doesn't wanna bother you with that. If you still wanna see him, try asking him out on a date or asking him just to hang out when he has free time at school. Best thing to do to is possibly just go somewhere & talk to him about what he's going through. He might appreciate that & feel better knowing that even though with school he barely keeps in touch with you; you still wanna see him & know how he's doing. He could open up more

    • Thank you for the advice! But don't you think he would've taken me out already? I mean it's been over 4 months since we've been talking. He's like "I should take you out sometime." But that's much different than actually doing it. You know?

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    • You're completely right. I just really enjoyed his time while it lasted, he and I met dancing and I really enjoy dancing. Hopefully I meet someone else out there at the dance. Cause dancing is important to me.

    • If it doesn't work out with him, don't rush it. You'll find someone who has the same interest in dancing as you do. It'll happen for you

  • Seems like he's got a lot of things going on. You should try to move on and find a better guy for you


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