Is flirting, being charming, funny etc the only way to get a gf?

It's just so much effort because it's not me. Can't a laid back friendship, getting to know each other at your own pace, hanging out and having fun, just eventually turn into something more?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I just look on flirting as a guy having fun. I don't take him too serious lol

    I'd much prefer a laidback friendship too.. full of fun, and getting to know each other. Enjly each others company. I'd rather a relationship develop from a friendship. At least we'd have that closeness, a friendship bond, before we entered into a relationship.

    • Flirting is a lot of effort for me though.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Flirting pushes the friendship boundary, it communicates that you aren't just her friend, you are telling her that you are to be seen as a sexual being.
    Treating her like a friend is one of the best ways of becoming her best friend.

    When you flirt (the right way), you can make her think about you when you aren't their, she starts seeing you as a sexual being, and it builds sexual tension and fun. It drives the imagination and can increase her heart rate and attraction.

    You can try the other route but it will be less effective. I've seen it myself.

    Guy A flirts, teases her, pushes the boundaries of the conversation and makes it clear he is not to be seen as just her friend.

    Guy B, never flirts, always talks to her like a friend but she knows he likes her more. He always tells her how beautiful he thinks she is.

    When she sees guy A, her eyes light up, there is sexual tension, the topics they discuss are both what friends would talk about and more, and she sees him as a sexual being.

    When she sees guy B, her eyes do not light up, when he tells her how beautiful he thinks she is, she'd rather know what Guy A was thinking and if you were to ask her which one she'd be interested in dating, Guy A wouldn't even be on the list.

    • But flirting takes a lot of effort and practice. And if you don't do it you lose the skill.

    • And I don't enjoy it either.

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What Girls Said 1

  • well, I'm always friends with a guy before developing feelings and do not mind confessing at all, but I do not confess if I don't get any sign of the other being interested. so if someone doesn't flirt, I won't budge.

    • But flirting doesn't come naturally to me.

    • it's just how I am. you don't have to if that isn't you :)

    • But it seems to be how most girls are

What Guys Said 4

  • Here is the way to get gf: Money-Handsomeness-Social status

    • Or the image you portray.

    • If you tell lies they will soon find it out so still you lose.

    • So if you don't have those 3 you just don't get a gf?

  • Or just being really good looking.

  • not the only way but it's the best way

  • you can buy companionship.


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