Cheating cheating cheating?

My fella is suspicious as hell
I've just went out for a meal with my mother.
I told him the time, place, town
I kept in contact even though I find it rude when your out to dinner but thought it's not worth the hours of text fighting later.
My phone has a moment where it says I had no signal but texts were sending fine so I reset it which fixed the problem. All the while I'm getting asked where are you! Where the fuck are you.
I get home and watch TWD and again where the fuck are you!!! I started feeling unwell (to much to drink?, rich food?, waist chincher) anyway he says to snap chat I said no I just wanted to go to bed. I get a thought as much enjoy your night... Wtf he knows I was out with my mum! He saw texts of us talking about it! I was out for like 2 hours then got home to watch tv what the hell am I doing wrong here


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What Guys Said 2

  • He is totally insecure. Will certainly be more problematic when he's less informed about your actions. Dump him.

  • And you're putting up with this BS, aren't you? So it's on you then.


What Girls Said 1

  • he's paranois as hell and making no sense at all :\


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