Guys, How many of you guys would go after a plain jane/really average looking girl?

I'm not talking about the typical cute girl who makes your heart flutter (or whatever lol). I'm talking about someone who is neither very attractive or very ugly. Just kinda there. Would you/have you ever asked one out?


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  • Nope

    • thanks for the honesty. although you're only 17 so i wasn't really expecting much. lol

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    • Yeah but 17 year olds are hormonal and immature. no offense

    • Wowwwww

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  • I have asked out a variety of women. All of whom rejected me. I really don't see a point in bothering them anymore because after thirteen years, I'm still rejected

    • Err are you sure it was a variety? Maybe in your eyes they were plain looking when in reality they were above average or quite attractive. I rarely see a guy with a girl less attractive than he is lol

    • yes, it was a variety. im not sure why everyone questions whether i go for certain women or if i am lying about never being in a relationship.

    • Because it's a well known fact that men have very high standards when it comes to looks on a woman. And also what i said about a less attractive girl + guy

  • She better give amazing head.

    • i have a pretty high sex drive actually and wouldn't mind. unfortunately, i'm not hot enough for most men so -shrug- it is what it is.

    • Then advertise that instead of your looks. Personality is always more important.

    • LMFAO. That's not personality

  • I have yes. I no longer would as I no longer date