What should I say when I talk to him?

So I have this crush and I see him tomorrow. We haven't really had an actual conversation yet, mostly just making eye contact and a few remarks. I want to ask him if he wants to help me make a short film for a film festival since I know he likes film production but how do I ease into the conversation? Would it be weird to ask him right now (I think it'd be a good way to get to know each other but idk)? And what else should I say in general lol


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  • Tell him you are going to make a short film and you know he also has an interest in film making. Say "I'd like it if you would like to help". This is a simple question, yet it lets him know you are interested without having to ask him. He may only want to be friends, but you'll never know without asking him. As far as asking now, go for it! Good luck to you!


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