What can I do to make it work out?

I met a girl we would go out together a lot but someday on whatsapp she told me "i really do love you" and it was appropriate cuz we went out that day and it was g8 and we were talking about that i had a crush on her when we first met and she told me she had too but after saying these words she went offline and i told her that i think i love u too but when she came back online she told me "i meant as a brother i really want to stay with u forever".
B4 this day i wasn't really considering it but since that day i became obsessed over her and i couldnt c her as a friend again and after sometime i told her that i love her she told me i am not looking for a relationship atm maybe in the future.
She would always talk about her crush and ask for my opinion in some crush matters which i give because i dont want to make her know that i am jealous anyway after some months she met a guy and they fell in love and at this point i decided that its over i have to leave even after crying and begging me to stay but i left anyway.
She kept trying to reach me until i gave in and we returned as friends and latter she left her boyfriend but we still quarrel a lot and sometimes i do it on purpose cuz i wanna leave because every time we go out i feel the urge to cuddle or hug her but i know i can't and every time i feel i should tell her how much i love her i back away cuz i know i won't hear it back.
I know i am wrong here but we quarrel sometimes because i insist that she has feeling for me and she says she doesn't although i made her say that she loves me a couple of times and made her rethink about me but after she wakes up all these feelings fade away.
yesterday she told me that she will make a move toward her crush and i told her go for it but she then told me that she won't (she was too confused ) and I don't know why i snapped out of jealousy i think and told her i wanna sleep and that i dont have time for your naivety and now r not talking although i am planning to call her next week and apologize.


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  • She is not into you. You are her emotional tampon and nothing more. You need to move on. She is torturing you and you keep allowing her to do that.

    • But the problem is that she gets annoyed when i act like i moved on.
      When she had that boyfriend i respected her decision and was thinking of her as a friend but she was annoyed by this and she even had feelings for me at that point (she told me so)

    • Because she wants you there! To shower her with your attention.

What Guys Said 1

  • She's playing you. I went through the same thing years. She keeps messing with your feelings over and over. It seems like every time you get close to her, she pushes back but when you keep your distance & forget about your feelings towards her, she hints to you of possibly getting together. Sounds like she can't make up her mind at all and dragging you around for it. Best advice I can give you is either stop talking her & move on; you could find someone better for you who won't play with your emotions like that. Or you could remain friends wit her but make it clear to her that your feelings towards her will never move past friendship.

    • I am thinking and already progressing through your second option but the truth is that she knows she can have me anytime she wants and knows that i didn't stop loving her i just shadowed it or postponed for a better time and what i am afraid of is she will try to when i find someone else and maybe she will say that she again mistaken her feelings and didn't mean to.
      thanks for ur reply <3

    • Just be careful with her. She's keeping you around as a second opinion in a way. Sooner or later, you'll find a woman who's gonna have your heart & make you happy but your friend will try to in get between that and make you decide which person you want

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