I can't choose between two guys?

Ok so I started talking to guy a a few weeks ago and we hung out a few times and it was great I was really into him and he was really into me but a couple of days ago he started to reply to my texts and he took a few days and hours to reply and I thought he lost interest and confronted him about it and he said he was still interested but he continued to do it so I got mad and annoyed and started talking to guy b (me and guy a aren't officially dating or anything but we are seeing each other) I've been talking to guy b for a couple of days and he's really nice and I like him too but me and guy a cleared things up today he explained what was going on and we're back on good terms and now I don't know what to do I feel like such a shitty person for even pursuit guy b to begin with and I don't want to just drop him because I figured things out with the first one and i do like him but I as of now I like guy a more ( since I've known him longer and all) and I really want things between us to work so what should I do?


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  • Women like u can never have a healthy relationship and do u know why?
    Because u don't have guts to be single,
    You will always be in such situations for the rest of your life and u will end up chosing all the wrong guys, i have dated women like u ,
    We will use u as hook up but thats it, u will never become our real girlfriend because you are incapable of being Loyal.
    If u see things are not working with a guy, instead of trying to solve the problem u will just jump on to some new guy,
    The new fuy will turn out to be a douchebag and then u will try to jump to the old guy,
    Now the old guy will either dump u or just hv sex wid u and then toss u aside because we guys want loyalty and only loyalty.


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  • Take some time to think


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