Girls, Does she like me and want to go on a date or does she want to hangout like friends?

This girl out of no where messaged me and said we should hangout sometime. To which I replied and I would like that. She then said she's usually not that open but she took a chance. I took it as she likes and is interested in me and wants to go in a date. But the way it's been going, it could go either way! She flirts with me and keeps saying we need to meet up but every time I try to set something up, she always had an excuse. So now I'm wondering if I misread the situation from the get go! If a girl messages you out of the blue and says "we should hangout sometime"... does that mean she likes you and wants to go on a date or does it mean she wants to hangout like friends?


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  • Hangout as friends

    • Damn it! even tho she said she's usually not that open? So take the fact that she always has an excuse. Her asking me to hangout doesn't mean she was interested? But thanks

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