The guy I like leaves for basic training in two weeks?

So I've had a crush on this guy for a while now and it appears that he likes me back. We went on a really great date a few months back, but personal issue arose that prevented a second date from happening, and I ended up just kind of giving him some space while he worked things out in his life. Fast forward to now and we have recently started hanging out again and I'm starting to get that feeling again that we work so well together. We just click on so many levels and just get each other. I know he really liked me and I really liked him (still do), but he leaves for basic training in two weeks. What do I do? Is pursuing this a horrible idea that's only going to lead to heartbreak?


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  • Do yourself a favor and don't commit yourself to someone who will be leaving and can't give you the time to be there. It's ok to keep chatting and having fun but don't expect him to be exclusive if he is going away. Go on with your life and meet around. If he comes back and is still interested, than pursue it if its worth it. You dont want to be worried, stress, frustrated or sad because you want more and he can't give it to you.


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