Guys, me, boyfriend, and his babymama. is he sincere with me? is he cheating? or this just some babymamadrama who won't stop until one of us break?

my boyfriend has 2 kids with his ex. he goes over to her house to care for his kids, everyday. Babymama wants him back and she even call him baby. he said he just ignore it and a lot of other people call him baby/hun? I told him he needs to tell her to stop. this babymama knew about me and my boyfriend for about 6 months now and she's still trying really hard to get back with him. we did break up once because I showed up unannounced at her place. but we did get back together the next day. she keeps saying that they are still together and that he has never told her that we were together.
He had told her that we are dating and we are going to have a baby together. but that doesn't stop her. she still keeps going at it. calling him baby, saying she misses him and that she loves him.
I told him that I feel insecure and hurt and sick inside in my heart. I started doubting him. which I have told him. he says to me many times that he loves me and that he and her has been done for a long time. that he is only there to be with his kids as long as he can. he has a daughter from when he was younger and the mother had refused to let him see her. and he doesn't want the same thing to happen with his two kids. I understand how he feels because it is true that mothers has the upper hand on getting custody in a nasty break up.
but it doesn't help that the bitch want him back I can picture her using their kids to get him back. I want to believe him that he won't leave us for her but I can't get it out of my head. has been days that I can't sleep because I'm so worried, doubtful, imagining him cheating on me with her. he's still the sweetest person, we have only fought ever because of his ex wanting him back and using the he doesn't care about his kids for being with me card.
what do I do? believe him? I know I'm not gonna get involved with that bitch craziness again that if we do break up again... it won't be because of her manipulating me into doing something crazy.
Me and my boyfriend had a quite heart to heart talk.
He wants his exgf to heal and hopefully eventually move on. hoping she'll accept that the two of them are over.
He also wants both of us to heal from all the drama. and wants things to be right.
he decided to keep our relationship a secret from the exgf. I agreed to it. but also hurt. He hopes that in the future the ex and I will get along. I told him that would be nice but I don't think it'll happen for quite a long time.


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  • You know, that's a tough one. My daughters are really, really important to me and while I'm not on good terms with my ex, if she asked me to come over and help care for them, I wouldn't hesitate for a microsecond. But still, I can't help but not trust this guy, you know? I think I'm somewhat unique, but of course, we're all unique little snowflakes nowadays so that probably means nothing.

    So aside from spending time over there, has there been anything else shady? Like he's disappeared, won't answer his phone, etc? You didn't really mention anything else shady so my take is that unless you're seeing questionable behavior, you should be accommodating.


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