Trying to flirt/talk to a girl?

Well today I was watching my friend talk to this girl that I would always try to talk to and get nowhere with. He was pretty much trolling the girl and saying some crazy behind stuff with me sitting there like sitting there surprised like WTH. The crazy part about it she was responding to it. On the other hand I tend to get her talking a little, but not like that. I try to talk to girl and I get stuck and always thinking how can I take this conversation and replicate what he did. Then I am always wondering is she trying to give me something to talk about, but I am not picking it up or understanding what she means by it. It is simple things like this that I stumble upon on. Then with the other guys in my class (yes still in school), all these girls tend to almost chase them down and respond to things they're doing. Conversely, I am the one trying to go after the girls and nothing happening other then them running or not really responding. I don't know how to get better, because it seems like a hopeless cause. I don't even know where to start when it comes to trying to understand the hidden undertones that girls might put out, or how to make things more intriguing (flirting and making things more interesting). Need some advice, because I am tired of my "game," being the butt of jokes.


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  • You need to be more confident and chill around them like your guy friend is. You should feel free to talk to them in a similar way you talk to your friends.


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  • Sounds like you are taking it too seriously. How about having a bit of playful fun and not worrying about making mistakes so much when you do talk to them. You can't replicate what he did, you need to find your own style.

    Something that can help is talking to many people from different walks of life in general. Talk to a lot of strangers, not just girls. In time, you will start to pick up on more ques. You also need to remember that girls are not special, they are just normal human beings. Never put them on a pedestal and just talk to them as normal.

    Have fun, keep it light and don't take yourself or her too seriously. Put your foot in it, laugh at yourself and enjoy. At some stage, you might want to play around with words, master innuendo or double meanings but that's a bit more advanced.

    For example, talking to a girl about mundane things but she knows it has a completely different meaning, a slightly naughty one, but she just isn't too sure either way. You can have a lot of fun with that, but like I said, maybe that's a little more advanced.


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