Why do I like the types of women that I do, if I didn't think I was worthy of their time?

I don't feel that I'm that good looking of a guy, not the worst ever, but I am almost strictly attracted to gorgeous women, like tip top gene pool like traits. It can vary a little bit, but if I didn't have the necessary levels of attractiveness why would I feel this way towards them? Why would I knowingly waste my time?

There has to be some reason why I feel like I have a chance. Attraction is so complicated. 😞


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because you don't place values on other, more important things in life. You were probably raised wrong.

    • Oh boy, here come the flying accusations over things I can't control. Cool... thanks.

      I've actually been told the opposite numerous times in my life, that I've been well raised.

    • Having manners and money don't matter when your core is rotten.

    • lol alright.

What Guys Said 2

  • Who you're attracted to is not affected by how attractive you are. If a hot person became disfigured because of an accident, they aren't suddenly going to find ugly people more attractive than hot people just because they are now ugly too.

  • It's not wasting your time. She just doesn't see you as an equal.


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