Is she not interested, should I drop and delete her number?

So, I got this girls number (she's 18 and goes to college) we texted for a couple mins, next day we text again for a couple mins and I ask her out for Thursday, she says she has class until 10 and that she's sorry maybe another time? I ask her when she's free, she responds immediately with a long detailed message of her whole schedule saying Monday through Thursday she has class Fridays she babysits, and weekends to do hw, and says maybe in between her classes we could hangout. I say cool ill buy us something to eat and it's a date while we hang out in between your classes. 1 day passes and no reply, I reply to her saying was it something I said? *holds head with shame* lol. She replys immediately with nah you're good, been really busy this week, I ask her out again for the next day and she says I can't do tomorrow. Is she not interested? Should I just drop the girl and delete number?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't keep asking her as you've tried to be really accomoodating by suggesting buying food and hanging between classes. I would let her come back to you with a suggestion or an offer to do something. I mean she's given you detailed information about her schedule and then doesn't commit to anything - she's either making sure you are interested in her or she's nervous about meeting up.

    • So I should just wait a couple days to text her again? Or not text at all until she textes first?

    • Yes, leave it a couple more days and if she doesn't text or do anything then text her again asking her out. Either set a date/time there and then or leave it.

    • Ok thanks

  • looks like she is not interested but ou can wait more


What Guys Said 1

  • It depends on if you believe she's worth it or not. If you think you can find a girl equal or better than her who will give you more attention, drop her.


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