Girls, Describe the perfect boyfriend?

Basically comment a perfect boyfriends quality's apart from things like eye color and things you can't change


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  • Most of the things making up my ideal partner have nothing to do with looks, but there are a few. I prefer a man who dresses professionally and can dress formally without pressure. Sleeping cuddled up with a body builder (huge arms) is uncomfortable, so that's less desirable to me.

    I need a man who is confident in himself, can understand/express his emotions, is comfortable talking to me about anything (even issues with me), and who takes the time and energy to try to see things from my point of view.

    He is kind and thoughtful. He doesn't mock me for being silly on occasionally, enjoys listening to my prospective, and we can have a friendly educational debate.

    He has taken the time alone to mature. He knows his needs, boundaries, desired, and can communicate them to me.

    He is mentally, physically, and emotionally stable. He has aspirations for his life and is well on the way to reaching them.

    • This is just a sample of the right man for me, each women need something a little different, as do men. You don't have to attract everyone, just the one right one. (Or right ones for poly)

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    • thanks for the great response :)

    • I hope it helped a little.

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  • loyal

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