He said 'i love you''?

I had been seeing him for about a month to 5 weeks now and he said i love you and tell me you love me during making out... i didn't know what to think except that this guy probably didn't mean it and i asked him if he meant any of it and he said ''i got carried away'', is he serious or not?

I have feeling he isn't really feeling me cause he left after 5 weeks of me not giving him sex, he probably slept with another girl by now because he wanted the easy lay or i don't know the easy life, i felt he was stupid for letting me go cause i got my own house, my own life, im fun to be around and just because i didn't give it to him, he said i was good to have as a ''friend''. He probably just didn't like me and decided to leave because i wasn't fun enough to be around. I am a virgin by the way too but sex was very important to him because thats the only way he felt like there was me ''having affection'' for him or the onl way he felt desired. Im kinda hurt now but whatever..


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  • This isn't even a question your just ranting


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