Guys, girls have you ever messed around with someone but grew attached to them but later on regret it?

I'll give an example of what I mean, I once had a thing with a girl I met when I was in San Diego for work and her name was Annie, we met at the gym and I caught her looking at me for awhile but minded my own business and kept working out. Next thing I knew she approached me and started hitting on me n all that. Then we ended up texting and she invited me to her place. We smashed and then she wanted to smash again the following day, so she came through to my hotel room and we fucked like jack rabbits all night 😂 anyways after that whole thing we both grew attached. She eventually wanted me to "gf the fuck outta her" and that was after the fact that she had to move up to Washington State. So obviously that would mean a long distance relationship (FUCK THAT) so then she meets this guy and they mess around and it's as if she rubbed it in my face. Then few months go by and she texts me saying "hey I'm coming back down to Cali for a week in march... and I wanna see you. I call dibs if you're single" so then we talked for about a week after that and then out of no where she stops sending me snaps and texts for 3 whole days. I grew kinda worried that something bad happened to her and then she finally called me and told me "she was going through some shit" well a few days after that I found my answer as to why she grew distant. She posted a picture of a shirtless guy laying on the bed looking straight up and the camera and had this caption "🙊💋" her messing around with other guys is not what pissed me off cause it's not like I was not messing around with girls myself. What got me mad is that she lied to me and I called her out on it and to this day she still looks at all my snap stories but I don't even bother looking at hers. In addition to the question in the title... guys & girls do you think that was caddy/shady for her to do that? Or did I overreact? I just don't know why she had to lie... not like I wouldn't have understood


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  • Yea I wouldn't have lied it seeing what y'all were ab anyway, and yea me and the same guy got attached to each other after a while, he's a friend of a friend and stayed at his place sonetimes. After the first time I just left didn't want to get a # or anything bc I didn't want to get too close. Ge eventually contacted me anyway and I told him straight up why I didn't wanna talk. But we cont anyway. We seen each other a few more times and we grew closer but he lived in the next state. We tried to wait but I couldn't take not knowing if I was gonna see him or not, so I ended things but then later I could've probably seen him which is stupid. We definitely would be together, and I still think ab him some

    • Yeah, she probably thinks I'm jealous but I'm actually really not. I'm mad that she lied then did something so low like posting a picture of a guy naked in bed with her... 😆

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    • No problem! Thank you for being by my side and answering all the questions!

    • Your welcome :)

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  • I think you overreacted. It's obviously just about sex and messing around. She want nothing serious with you and you doesn't seems to want anything serious either.


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