Why is it so hard for people to be considerate?

I'm trying to date and I am currently on Tinder, POF, and OkCupid. I am have absolutely no luck. I've gotten dates but they haven't gone anywhere. One of the guys was really sweet and I really liked him but he wanted kids and I don't. The two other guys that I've gone on dates with just ghosted me after telling me they wanted to see me again. Then I have chatted with guys who disappear once they agree that we should go out on a date. Then when I confirm it they drop off the face of the planet. Is this just the way it works when you look online? It's getting really frustrating and sort of denting my confidence, I must admit.


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  • That's how it is online. Hell that's how it is today in 2017. Instead of sitting you down, having a conversation and holding your hand and telling you they no longer want to date you- they ghost. Honestly if you have no emotional connection to someone that's probably the best way to do it. Unless you have had sexual contact with them or you guys have been dating for 1 month+ then that's acceptable in my opinion. I think you are being too sensitive. You dont have to look at ghosting as something that gets done to you, remember you can do it to guys do. I've done it if i realized i didn't like him, or we didn't want the same things. Maybe just let guys come to you and get flirted with more in real life instead of relying on online guys. Mostly online guys are using these websites to meet girls for quick sex anyway. They aren't worth getting upset about.

    • That's a bit of a stereotype. It is common but there are tons of guys looking for a real relationship. It only upsets me when it is literally every guy I talk to. That starts to get frustrating I am sure you can imagine? I have been ghosted before but only recently have I been ghosted specifically after I ask them out and they agree to the date and then ghost me. Still messed up regardless of the context.

    • Men have stopped dating, being in relationships and getting married simply because it favors women every time. It's funny seeing tons of women wondering "Where are all the guys?" and they don't understand why it's happening.

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