He did not write or call me at all yesterday, we have been on 3 great dates... still new... but not even a text? :(?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month, we've been on three dates and we talk through text a bit everyday, not a lot yet but a little something. I feel we like each other a lot, there has not been much flirtation or even a kiss yet. He has been out of town since Sunday for his job, he gets back this morning I believe. Yesterday, he did not contact me at all even just for casual convo, even though it was Valentine's day. Is this a sign. I'm really sad about it honestly. I wasn't expecting much of anything but at least a reg convo that could've started off with Happy V-day. Am I overreacting? If he messages me today... should I ignore him or say anything about it? Or just talk to him as normal? I feel its not okay. Also we met through a dating website and on the third date he mentioned not being on that website anymore after he met me... He is 28 I am 24 as well...


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  • hey, I understand that you might like this guy, and I don't mean to sound like a douche

    but maybe take it a bit slow? give it time? if he's only missed one reg convo, it's fine

    ask him about why you guys didn't have your regular Convo when he comes on

    don't ignore him, loves too good to be petty about it

    if he said he stopped using the dating website after seeing you, that means he really likes you enough to not care about any one else any more


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  • You're not exclusive so date someone else. He probably was with his real girlfriend for Valentines Day. If he didn't reach out to you on VDay that his a huge sign that he already has someone else, or doesn't want to get deep with you. I guarantee you are NOT the only woman this guy is seeing.


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  • My boyfriend and me aren't interested in V-Day at all.
    So maybe he is just one of that guys.
    I don't like this day, and I don't need any special treatment.
    and I'm very happy my boyfriend is just the same.

    If it is important to you... did you text him?
    It's not a one-way thing, is it?

  • Ask him about it. Maybe a family member died on valentines day a few years ago or something. It could just be a hard day for him. Ask him if he's okay.


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