How should I ask a guy to discuss our relationship?

I've met a guy (Latino-French) when I (Asian) was in a language school in England, during the time there he's into me but I didn't feel like it till I left and he keep sending me flirty text so I design to open up my mind for him and we've been texting for a year and a half now. I want to discuss about 'our relationship and what's between us?' With him but don't know how to start. As in text he keep calling me 'my love, mi amor' I call him 'mon chat, love, mi amor' and he keep complimenting my profile picture and 'love' nearly pictures I posted on my fb but due to time different and we're both quite busy people so we've never Skype. Last night I talked to him about how he celebrate Valentine's Day so I think it might be the right time to talk about it. Should I just ask him 'do you have a gf?' Or ' have you ever have a gf?' Or what should I do?


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  • Be direct and ask him about it. don't beat around the bush. make your intentions clear too. it's best to get clarity before you get too attached.

    • Thank you 😊so I should just go for ' are we boyfriend and gf?' Or show should I craft it?

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    • Thank you so much

    • no worries

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