When is it too soon to bring up a relationship?

I've been talking and hooking up with this guy for almost three weeks now. I like him a lot and we don't text 24/7 but enough to know we're thinking about the other person and we get a long so well. I'm so comfortable with him and he makes me laugh. I feel like it's still early to put a title on it but I don't want things to plateau either. We've been taking things fairly slow which I like. Should we go exclusive before we date? Right now it's pretty much implied that we're exclusive cuz we pretty much only sleep at each other's houses on weekends. Should I bring up dating to him or should I wait a little longer? Also how do I bring that up?


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  • From a relationship coaching lens, there isn't a time stamp on when to bring this up. The time to bring it up is when you want a relationship with this person and you are no longer comfortable having your current 'relationship' unlabeled. In other words, when you get to the point where it bothers you that you haven't formally committed to each other, bring it up.

    But (and read this next part very carefully), you must be prepared for the possibility that he won't want anything serious. AND, you must be prepared for how you will respond. If you want a relationship and it bothers you that you aren't formally exclusive, and he doesn't want one, you need to walk away. Don't NOT approach him about going formal just because he may not want something formal. Too many times we don't have the conversation because we are afraid of what we'll hear. That should do nothing to stop you from having it.


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