Why do some guys get hurt so much in a past relationship and start treating all women bad?

I've seen guys who were really sweet to women who were horrible to them and they seem to turn the guys into let's just say "less than favorable" men. Men are supposed to be more logical, so why can't they understand that not all women are out to hurt them. I've dealt with a guy who was with a woman for 4 years, they had a daughter then had to give her up for adoption, and were engaged and I guess she was crazy because she was all over news, but I treated him great and he didn't take me seriously.


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  • It's similar to how a lot of women date assoles, get hurt, then proclaim 'all men are assholes. They either give up on men, or start treating the men bad.

    It's not a gender specific thing as you seem to imply. We as humans gotta stay away from toxic people. I have learnt it the hard way, after being with some really crazy, evil girls. Doesn't mean I'll treat other women like shit though.


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