Why can't I fall in love again?

I'm almost 20 And last time I fell in love was when I was 14.. I was in love with that guy for years and even today I love him but I'm not "in love with him" .. Yeah I datinh him years ago when for like 2months and that wasn't even a relationship it was textationship.. I loved him to the point where it hurt me so much but still it was the best feeling ever... Now when I want to love someone I just can't.. Forget about love I can't even have a crush.. Even if I'm attracted to someone ( which happens like once or twice per year) it doesn't more than 20 days.. Some attractions don't even laSt a week.. I don't feel any sexual desires or any emotional attachment.. I feel empty inside.. I feel like life has no meaning.. I wanna love someone like I loved my ex.. I wanna feel those things again even if it hurts like hell.. I'm trying my hardest but having even a crush on someone is difficult for me.. Why does this happen.. Please help me I can't take this emptiness.. I wanna feel things again


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    • Lol you are my age but seriously this was a serious question 😂

  • I know that feeling
    But I can't help lol


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  • Oh dear lord, you have no idea what love is... relax you are still a child. You are in love with the idea of love... as far as actually understanding love you dont.


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