Is there anyway to try this again?

I’ve known him for 7 months now. When I first met him we were just acquaintances. A month later we ran into eachother at work and he asked for my number. He later messaged me and asked me to do something with him. We hung out a few times. I really thought things were going great! I really did start to like him. We had a connection, and I felt really comfortable and myself around him. We could talk about anything and everything. Until a few days later he told me he wasn’t over his ex. He told me he was over her and broke up with her 3 months prior. I was completely crushed. Since then we talk here and there. He’s always very flirty with me when he sees me. He’s always trying to kiss me but I turn him down. We kissed three months ago. Anyways I’ve been trying to do everything to get over him, even though we were never in a relationship, but I still think about him and still have feelings:( I don’t know what to do!! I really wanted to see if things could work between us. I don’t know where he stands but looks like he lost interest or never liked me in the first place. I know the advice everyone has given me is to move on and that he doesn’t care, but I really have a great time with him:( it’s harder said then done


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  • Not really


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