Guy I'm not attracted to but makes me laugh and is a good friend has a huge crush on me. If he asks me out what should I do?

This guy wanted to ask me out before my ex did but my ex ended up asking a couple hours before he was planning to. I broke up with my ex a few months ago and my friend still has a crush on me. He's a good guy (a bit too sexually motivated though which is sort of a problem because Im a virgin and I'm pretty sure he'd want that) but I'm just not attracted to him physically. He makes me laugh and we have an easy sort of way of making fun of each other which I enjoy (I like that sort of thing while dating because I'm a generally sarcastic person but my ex was a complete gentlemen and wouldn't even joke around much so I'm looking for that in my next relationship). I'm almost positive he's planning on asking me out and I'm not sure what to say or if I should give him a chance. Oh and I was also recently rejected by my best friend who I have the same sort of relationship with. I've had a crush on my best friend since we were 4 but he doesn't feel the same but I'm still hung up on him. I'm not sure if that would be fair to the guy planning on asking me out if I said yes? I'm honestly just really confused.


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  • Just tell him you're not ready for a relationship if you don't see him in that way


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