Girls, am I worthless to you if I still wet the bed?

Is a older child worthless to girls if he still wet the bed? I cannot fix this really fast and i do my best but i now find a girl who care for me and i not know what girls expect of a boyfriend? should i sleep over at her? if i have to do this then she would find out i wore diapers/protection pants at night am i right and then would she not like me anymore?

Sorry this is the first girl i like who like me in my life she is 15 and i am 13 (i do suffer mental special needs if this is a reason for bedwetting i do not know but she accept and even like me for i are special)


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  • Nah, it's alright.. You'll most likely get cured of it as you grow older.

    • But hold on, aren't you quite young to have sex? An advice to you, don't go to third base. You should've pressure yourself on stuff like that, you're still so young! You have much to learn about life and... sex.
      Ahem.. hope this helped.

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