Ok so I've been through a lot of sh*t and im finally in a good spot with friends and a hot girlfriend. can I get some help?

i love her and i want to make her feel special/ she's perfect and im not im super insecure i want her to love me back im so f'd up i just want to be happy i love her so much. i want to have a future with her


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  • What are you trying to say? You have to give more details man!


    • like what

    • @mikd108 What does it mean that you have been through a lot of shit? WTF? If you are in a good spot then WTF is the problem? Are you lazy that you can't explain this in better detail? You don't even write in complete sentences! It's just one big run on sentence.. It's exhausting.

  • She doesn't love u back?


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