Girls, Women describe your physical dealbreakers for dating?

What is the physical attributes that no matter how handsome the guy is you will immediately ignore him.


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  • Earrings or other jewelry that is clearly for women

    • ok but i meant like physical attributes not things he has done to his body.

    • In that case, when they are too hairy. Like some hair obviously makes them seem manly but when its like too much its just gross.

    • ok we expect women to remove their bodyhair so we can't look like gorrilas. Fair enough

  • stinky/dirty. too short cus i don't want to feel like the man, I'm too submissive for that. everything else isn't that bad or we can work on it together

    • how short is too short?

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    • This is just a little insight for you to know the truth. If you step into a gym and search a little about bodybuilding before supplements or steroids you will be surprized by short guys and how brainwashed this society is based on height. Search for sean connery when he was bodybuilding. There is a photo of him with a shorter guy. That's exactly what i mean. :)

    • Don't want to disrespect Sean Connery. He is an absolutely great actor and his genetics are a fine specimen of the human kind. He would have made a great hunter in the primitive times. But also short and strong men like the one on the photo i told you would make a great hunter. To be honest the smallest the male the greatest his hunting abilities (better hiding, more agile, more silent). It's strange how nature works... We have lost this connection

  • if he has a bad personality


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