Is it possible to get a ex girlfriend back after a year of not dating? And how would you go about it?

Dated this girl 6 months ago and she broke up with me, because she thought I wasn't sexually attracted to her because she try to have sex with me in a car and I couldn't get it up. I've haven't talked to her since October. She still seem pretty upset and hurt from the situation.


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  • u still can get her back but you'll only have 1 impression to make on her. take some pills to keep ur harder longer. do things different throughout the night so she will expect a different u instead of the old one. maybe rub ur hard penis on her so she can know ur hard n attracted but don't make any moves right then n there. let her think about how much u changed and how hard u just were. then later on make sure ur on a bed n apologize about ur hard on n explain how uve always found her attractive but u respected her too much to have ur first time in a car. laugh, kiss, then go for it.

    • Well how do I get her to meet up with me again?

    • u know her. so invite hear for something u know she can't say no to n somehow get her to ur place. if u have mutual friends u could try a group outting and then again try to get her to ur place lol.

      u have to remember details about her likes so she wants to say yes to c u again. plus the more personal the thought u made was in inviting her the more shell c that u did care enough to remember those things about her.

      when u do c her get rid of the physical awkwardness from the beginning with a big hug n whisper something in her ear about how she seems smaller, smells really good, or how u forgot how good it felt to hug her.

    • So the first time I contact her i should invite her to something or I ask her How's she been or what?

  • Do you miss her? If so just text her and tell her. This will open your window of opportunity for communication.

    • Yes I do miss her. Is this how I should reach out to her or how else should can i get her attention?

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    • Okay thanks for your help.

    • No problem

  • Depends if she is interested or not

    • How would I approach her?

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