Why am afraid to have feelings for someone again?

When guys start liking me, I push them away. Even my crush. I've been single for 3 years now. All my pass relationships ended on good terms. I didn't feel the vibe with any of my ex, so we just ended as friends. I never had a bad relationship before. So why am I so afraid to have feelings for a guy and push them away?


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  • Your probably afraid of committing to them. You know that there is a chance that they will leave your or end things. No one likes to end romantic relationships and we hurt when they do end.
    For me I'm still recovering from my last relationship a month ago. I even have a female freind that wants to try dating but I'm still working out some issues that my last girlfreind caused.

    • This comment hits me so hard.. hurting is the worst part of it all.
      I hope you heal and don't let her slip.

    • I'm glad that my comment resonated with you. I'm still slowly healing. I don't want to let my female freind slip away, but I'm not sure that I want to be more than freinds with her.

  • Some questions to ask yourself: Have people close to you in your life let you down? How's your relationship with your father? If your parents are together, do they have a good marriage?


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