Should I take it slow?

this girl that i have a crush on and she has some interest in me. responds slowly like. maybe after hours or min. i usually reply withing min. we've been like this for 2 weeks. should i not respond right away?


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  • yes well just wait a min to reply

    • i do.. i repsind within 5-10 min. but she responds like 10-45 min

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    • well I realy the same but if I don't want to seem to cashey I would reply 45 min or an hour

    • well just ask her

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  • That's the problem with text messages... people read (or try to) too much into them and you really can't do that. So many things could be the reason (s) so unless you come out and ask the person, you never really know for sure what's going on.


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  • You shouldn't respond at all. In fact, why the hell are you even initiating at all? She's not interested. If she was, she would be replying a lot quicker... just like you are.

    Guys, grab your BALLS and have some respect!

    • hahaha. alright man thanks. but sometimes she starts the texts. so that's why i dont know..