I like my coworker and I think he likes me but I'm not certain?

My coworker (different department but I still see him on a near-daily basis) and I have gone out a few times... to the bar literally right next to work and I'm not sure what it means. We hardly ever talked (maybe exchanged a total of 25 words) before he asked me if I'd want to grab beer with him. Each time, it's been just him and I and we've had a blast! I for sure like him and I'm reasonably sure that he likes me. But he's a few years older (I'm going on 24 and he just turned 30) and he's divorced with a kid. One of the coworkers in his department thinks that he likes me and just might not be sure if I like him back (so basically it seems as if the guy and I are in the same situation which doesn't help). Any tips? I'm not a forward person at all and I overthink (clearly). Thank you in advance!


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  • You could ask him if he's interested in anyone? That brings up the opportunity for him to tell you if he has any feelings. You could also ask him what the trips to the bar mean to him. You could try to ask him how he feels about you but not directly, maybe play 20 questions and ask him things then. That's what I did with my fiancĂ© before we started dating.

  • look for signs of interest


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