Valentines day date what should I do?

I met this girl on a app called whisper so we met up and i picked her up and well she wanted a teddy bear and cuddle so i messaged her i was gonna get her the teddy bear but i failed to do that since i wasn't sure if she was serious or not so i ended up meeting her we went to this area where houses were just listened to the radio valentines jam were on we cuddled and such i rubbed her belly stomach and sides she fell asleep on me and we talked a bit but her problem is she's "Introverted and shy" and i told her i wanted to cuddle more in the future or talk but she's like I don't know i asked if she enjoyed it her answer was "idk" so yeah then i text her next day she ignores me and i didn't without notice i noticed i sent over a bunch of texts... opps and now she said i lied felt her boobs and ima a racist because i made a post "hooked up with a hot Asian babe but she blocked me and missing out" she said your a liar racist touched my boobs and i can't listen to a no and i was harassing her and she told me to stop texting her but i got this habit where i tried to fix things... and now I don't know she seemed to have a good time she fell asleep on me... and I don't know im upset honestly i didn't mean to upset her and everything i really liked her but guess im just not her type i fuck up a lot.


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  • It's not you, it's her.

  • No she just sound like a confused brat


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