I can not tell if he likes me or not?

This guy and I have been dating for a month now. He's a bit shy and so am I. Our communication happens only via text and of course when we see one another. To put it frankly he's shitty at texting. He's met a friend of mine, who he told he's afraid of saying something via text that will turn me away from him. My problem is I loathe initiating text convos, but if I don't we won't talk for days. However, when we're together things are great. He talks about future plans, has said he finds a certain thing I do very cute because no one has ever done it with him before, said he trusts me, and has said he thinks I'd get along with his mom. Haven't met her, but she lives in Texas and we're in Michigan. I'm a bit old fashioned I guess in thinking if he really liked me and enjoyed being with me he would initiate conversations occasionally. Now when I actually do, 75% of the time he'll make plans with me. I'm just having a hard time in figuring out if I'm just an option, if he really likes me, or if he's really not into me at all. So in short, when we are actually together things are great and based on that alone I would have no questions, but because he rarely ever intiates conversations I'm confused asf, because of all the "if he's into you" b. s. that says he'll text/call/etc if he really likes you. Any insight would be appreciated :)


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  • It's likely that he is thinking the same thing "if they're into you they'll initiate". And he's already mentioned that he is afraid to say something over text, maybe you can suggest that he text you more often to initiate the conversation... I know I'd really like to hear something like that so I know I'm not annoying the girl lol

    • Ha! And I'd like to know I'm not bugging or annoying him. He still seems awkward texting when I initiate. I just can't tell if it's me or if he really does not like texting

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    • Thought about that, thanks, I guess I will :)

    • I hope it goes well!

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