Girls, Girls if a guy who you didn't know too well got your # (you gave it when asked) asked you to Dinner would you assume he was interested?

Okay I asked her to dinner today, she hesitated said 'I'm busy alot' and I gave her an out saying 'hey if you don't want too it's no big deal I'm not the kind of guy to let it get awkward if you're not interested' and she said something like 'no I don't mind Dinner whats your schedule look like?' We talked and agreed Saturday night at an Applebee's would be good, we talked about other details like if I was picking her up or meeting there and then we decided that stuff could be talked over Friday after class beforehand, I joked a bit and got her to laugh a little and said I'd see her later. She seemed a little tense but laughed and talked throughout and honestly seemed to handle it very well.

So I mean was that good? Bad? If she was going to back out she would have taken the out I gave her right? Even though we haven't finalized all the details she does know this is a date correct?

  • Yes I would assume she knows you're interested and it sounds like things are going well
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  • Yes I would assume she knows you're interested but he answer seems weird
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  • No I wouldn't assume she knows you're interested from asking her to get dinner
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Okay her hesitation wasn't long at all READ THIS, she just seemed surprised for a second, said she was busy a lot, I said if she couldn't it was no big deal then she said no it was fine and asked about my schedule.

Yes she is really busy a lot, full time college student with a basically full time job at a stable, she truly is busy every day


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  • It sounds like she knows you're interested but isn't sure if she is

    • Why do you say that?

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    • I'm solidly in the 50/50 field based purely on her reaction when you asked. So you have a really good chance 😊 Plan your date!

    • Alright I texted her early afternoon yesterday a bit about it and she has yet to reply but she hardly ever replies to texts so that's nothing new

  • you seemed to be really cool about the whole thing but she seems wishy washy.

    • Why do you say that? I offered her an out by saying she didn't have to it was no big deal, if she didn't want to why didn't she just take that?

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    • To me, it seems like a fence sort of thing. LIke she's not smitten but she doesn't dislike you, you know? I;d go on the date and see after that

    • Alright, I did text her details making sure it was a plan to which she hasn't replied in almost a day, however I see her in person Friday and honestly she rarely texts given her crazy schedule anyway so I doubt that's a bad sign. After all I gave her an option out and she didn't take it before.

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