Guy deleted me off snapchat after I told him off?

Basically, the guy was sweet talking me and asked if I did oral in the first date and always brought up my race. Brought up splitting a hotel room with him for the first time we meet.

So I text him today saying, I'm canceling our date due to you bringing up sex way too much, it sounds a bit desperate and you bringing my race up as well which is disrespectful. Good luck on your search.
He never text back and he deleted me off snapchat.

I'm laughing because I've never had a guy delete me off their social media, they usually just keep me on there and ignore me. I'm usually the one that deletes them.
Do guys usually do this or did I piss him off? Lol
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He realized you have self respect and he doesn't like girls with self respect so he deleted you.

    • Lol wow.
      He tried to act like the nice guy in the beginning but that didn't workout because he still slipped up

    • Most nice guys are honestly bullshit. 90% of them are fake.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You're well rid of him. I'd block him so he can never contact you again. You've deflated his ego.

    • Who asks someone for oral on a first date yet pretend and keep saying he's not looking for sex?

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What Guys Said 4

  • How do you know when someone deletes you? I've always wondered

    • Click on their name and it says add friend. That's how you know.

  • so what's the big deal if he deleted you?
    maybe he is smarter other guys.

    • ... right... ok
      Yeah he's smarter alright

  • you pissed him off but he deserved it๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Good. He was an ass.
      I refuse to be talked to like I'm stupid this year. Or ever in general.

    • I bet, he sounds like a prick

  • The cancelling the date alone may of not been the reason. I mean it could of been but also could of not been the reason. Because you said he sounded desperate, basically implying indirectly to him, you thought he was desperate, and he could of easily been saw that as you talking shit or trying to insult him or you belittle-ling him. If a female rants, tries to talk shit, tries to belittle me, regardless of her reason, thats a automatic block. If the female tells me she's doesn't like something, but not ranting at me, not trying to talk shit, not trying to belittle me. Another words, just getting to the point, but without the added drama from her end, then i don't block her. From my personal experience, I don't want to hear some random female rant, regardless if its totally my fault or whatever the reason she has. Thousands and thousands other random females

    • I think I busted his little ego. Plus I wasn't ranting, I gave a goodbye message saying do not contact me. I think he may have gotten the hint. I put that desperate mark in because I was angry that I allowed him to talk to me and bring up my race like I was a zoo animal frequently.

What Girls Said 1

  • You Got his Goat, meaning is Inflated Ego Here, dear.
    Joe probably Knows though he is a Loser, and it's Girls such as Yourself who even have the Goalies to Show him just what a Bag of Blow he is.
    Good Luck and Toms like this are Dimes of Dozen. xx


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