Guy I was dating just wants to be friends but now getting flirty maybe?

So I was dating a guy briefly (like 2 weeks) and then like on feb 12th before Valentine's Day, we were supposed to go on just a normal date, and then like 5 minutes before our date he says he's going to be running late because his friend's car broke down and he was going to help him. And then like 30 minutes later, he texts me saying he doesn't want a relationship right now since he's going to be really busy with his full time job and his side job of making wood items. (which I know he was stressing about the entire time I knew him). No contact after that Now, the day after Valentine's day, he texts me out of no where saying hey and then he invites me to a drag show which his coworker invited him to but he doesn't want to go alone and wants me there with him so it's not awkward. I told him I couldn't with class the next morning, and he kept begging me and I kept telling him no but I told him if it were a diff night I would go. He said "I've kinda been going out a little more recently we should definitely go out sometime" Is that just in a friends way? I joked him about twerking and he said he wants to see me do it and he's curious and that if he;s drinking he's flirty and I said I am too and he said "we should go out :)" and then said he's always down to go out and do new things with me. Is he just trying to sleep with me or friends with benefits? or is he trying to date me again?


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  • Def trying to be a friends with benefits or hookup. He probably made plans for vday with another girl like you. He's not into anything serious right now and he told you that. He wants to go out with you and hook up. If you're ok with that fine. Just know he is doing the same thing with one or more other girls. Which ever girl is convienient for what he needs that day or night. He's keeping his options open and so should you. Ask him what he wants so you know you guys are on the same page and no misunderstandings happen.


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