Does this guy online like me?

I met him 4months ago and since then we talk preety much everyday ( except when we had a fight and we didn't talk at all for a week ).
We've seen eachother on camera quite a bit.
Things he does:
- He's Online preety much everyday in the same platform as me;
- He talks to me preety much everyday and our conversations are long;
- He's always asking lots of questions and seems a bit jealous when i talk about other guys;
- He teases me A LOT ( sometimes in a playful way, but other times in sort of a mean way when he notices i'm in a bad mood )

So what do you think? Is there a chance he's into me or am i being delusional?


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  • If you've never met in person it is not a real relationship. If he doesn't want to meet up he is just looking to have an online friend and nothing more.


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  • it looks like he likes you

  • He might be, but so is most guys online

  • Chances are he might like you or he was just being friendly..

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